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In Pakistan especially in the cities thousands of people live in “Katchi Abadis” meaning “Raw Settlements”.

The Katchi Abadi is in fact a collection of temporary huts made from wood such as branches of trees and the use of tin foil as roofs.

The area in which the poor people live is called “Jhuggis” meaning poor neighborhood or slum .

And the actual dwelling is called “Jhonpra” meaning a Hut.

The living conditions in these Katchi Abadis does not support life and those who are living in slum areas are vulnerable to unhygienic environment and extreme weather conditions. They are deprived people who do not have enough resources to maintain the health of their children.

The poor children of the slums have no shoes and warm clothes to protect themselves against the cold weather. The children roam in the streets half naked and many of them are barefooted. So when these half naked children play outdoors in the winter, they get exposed to unhygienic conditions and hence they contract pneumonia, whooping and chronic cough and other respiratory diseases.

The parents of these children cannot afford a better living and health-care for their children. They try to self-medicate their sick children themselves. When a sick child is finally taken to a state-run hospital where there are long waiting queues the child’s condition is serious. At that time no treatment can be administered as there is no hope for the survival of the child resulting in his or her death. This is a very common occurrence among the children of these so called Katchi Abadis and thousands of children die just due to the unhygienic and dirty conditions of their living environment.

The members of the P.C.M.F team are visiting these Katchi Abadis and observing the living conditions of the poor children living in them. PCEMF goal is to provide better living conditions to the poor children by building better homes for them in environmentally clean areas.

After observing the living conditions of the poor children, PCEMF Chairman’s words were “No Human Being should be living in such adverse environment.”



Homeless Children In Pakistan

Street children is a term for children experiencing homelessness who primarily reside on the streets of a city. The number of street children in Pakistan is estimated to be between 1.2 million and 1.5 million, meaning that
the country has one of the world's largest street children population.


The story of Home without a roof and walls

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