PCEMF appeals to you to come to the help of poor and needy children and generously donate as much as you can and as soon as you can to make a positive difference in their lives



Pakistan is currently going through the hardest time  period since its creation in 1947
Man-made and natural calamities such as War on Terrorism, Floods, Earthquake, and Drought have left millions of people homeless in Pakistan. These events have specially affected the life of millions of poor and homeless children in the country. These poor children are struggling to stay alive every day and many do not live to see another day and succumb to death long before reaching adulthood. Thousands of children die because of hunger and disease only. Such children never experience life and are born to die.

But you can give them the gift of life by providing them with basic necessities to stay alive and live a healthy life. Remember just a $1 will feed one child a day. Next time when you spend a dollar think about how your dollar can make a difference in some poor child’s life.

Our team is made up of selfless individuals who are committed to serve the needy children of Pakistan against all odds. We strongly believe that life is to give and not to take. Also, that the children are our future and poor and homeless children are part of the same future so we have to care about them too.

Our motto is to “Live and Let Live”. But we cannot help the needy children without your help and you are not obligated to donate to the welfare of the poor children. Please remember that Children in Poverty are crying loudly in pain and suffering, asking you to come to their aid? They are begging you to listen to their cries for help and do not turn a deaf ear to their plight. 

I plea to the World in the name of humanity to kindly come to the aid of the needy and deserving children of Pakistan who need your help now and please make a positive difference in their lives.

Major (Retd.) Tariq Maqbool
Chairman P.C.E.M.F


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