PCEMF appeals to you to come to the help of poor and needy children and generously donate as much as you can and as soon as you can to make a positive difference in their lives


In Pakistan most of the poverty stricken areas don't have schools and if they do then they are in very bad condition. It is very hard for the poor children to attend these schools as the school lacks the basic necessities needed for a student to get an education. 

The following are listed some of the common problems in such schools:

Often tables and benches are missing and children have to sit on the ground.

Class rooms with no doors and windows and children have to sit in the cold during winter.

No Blackboards, chalks, and stationary exist for the teachers.

Toilets are mostly nonexistent. 

School management often lack funds to pay the salary of teachers.

Children of different grades sit in the same room because of lack of available space.

Clean drinking water is not available for the students




          Haris and Sister

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