PCEMF appeals to you to come to the help of poor and needy children and generously donate as much as you can and as soon as you can to make a positive difference in their lives



P.C.E.M.F is engaged in the following activities in terms of Medical Support to the poor and sick children:

Supplying free medicines to dispensaries and hospitals for the sick children without any charges.

Providing financial help to poor children for medical treatment to fight diseases such as Thalassaemia, Hemophilia, Leukemia, and Cancer.

Providing empty blood bags and screening kits to blood banks and other facilities treating blood related diseases.

Providing wheel chairs and artificial parts of the body such as limbs, arms, feet etc. to deserving and poor children.


Blind Children In Pakistan

There are 3 million poor blind children in Pakistan who suffer from curable blindness.
The only issue is they cannot access or afford the treatment and remain needlessly blind.
The good news is that their vision can be restored by your donations towards their treatment.


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